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All or Nothing (Taking the Odds #3)

All or Nothing (Taking the Odds #3)
Pages: 212
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3.5 Stars

This was the last installment of the Taking the Odds series. Brandon and Nicky (mostly Brandon since Nicky has been on board with that plan since Book #1) are trying to become more serious in their relationship and VERY SLOWLY Brandon is warming up to the idea of commitment. Since he was outed in the force, and the world didn't end he is contemplating honesty for a change.

At Nicky's encouragement he takes a big step by reconnecting with his daughter Shayna, and brings her to Vegas to spend a week with him and his best friend Nicky.

Brandon struggles with having Shayna and Nicky together, but is taking baby steps. Suddenly something terrible happens and Brandon's life descends into a HUGE nightmare. This crisis pushes Nicky and Brandon to the brink. With family around, it gets harder and harder to hide what they are to each other and as always Brandon's first instinct is to lie and freak out, even if he does love Nicky as much as he does.

The mystery in this novel was intersting, it was kind of predictable, but good. My issue was that it completely absorbed the story, after two books of Brandon shuffling between what he felt, and all his baggage I expected this book to have a lot more of them reaching a balanced place in their relationship. That happened in some ways, but the situation was so FUCKING MIND BENDINGLY stressful, it was NO FUN.

So overall I think this is a good series, Brandon, and specially Nicky, are really great characters, I just wanted a little less drama in this last book, so that I could have some resolution. I guess there is "resolution" in some ways, but I'm a greedy bitch, and I like to actually SEE the picket fences and romantic evenings in front of the fireplace after two books of "Hot and Cold", 'in the closet' drama...Is that too much to ask DAMMIT?!

I still recommend though, it's good. I just wanted a bit more happy.

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